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Adapa is specialized in mechanical innovation and computer aided manufacturing with a focus to facilitate modern curved aesthetics by enabling a cost effective and environmentally friendly production environment

Customer in focus

Development of our adaptive mould technology is driven by customer demand and market needs.
We take responsibility for our customers success and are proud of our references and the reputation we have achieved in cooperation with our partners.
Claus Løkke, CEO

Adapa A/S was founded in 2010 in Aalborg

The development of the adaptive mould was a spin-out from Aalborg University in the Northern Region of Denmark. Two graduates from the Design Bachelor study at the university founded the startup company Adapa during summer 2010. During the first five years of the company, numerous tests and inspirational knowledge was shared from similar technology studies and resulted in the first adaptive mould. The 3D software (Adapa Tools) is programmed as a Rhino plug-in. Rhino, which is used at many Universities, is a widely use and inexpensive CAD software ideal for modeling curved shapes.

We are inspired by unique architecture

The inspiration behind Adapa was the curved and organic shaped architecture, that many an architect reach for in the idea and design phase of a project. As the construction starts to be structured in relation to present dominant building systems, to drive down the cost of the architect’s unique idea, away goes the curved design. It was exactly this problem and the desire for enabling unique curved designs at the same cost as flat, that engage and commit the people in and around Adapa.

And develop unique robotic 3D mould technology

Adapa A/S hold patents on the most parts of the robotic technology that was the most difficult to develop. It is the technology parts that makes the adaptive mould able to create the controlled double curved surface with low tolerances in only minutes.

The museum that changed a whole city

Source: DW Made for Minds

We share and create

To achieve the vision of enabling unique design, Adapa need the knowledge from different industries in their range of materials and their work processes. We are also bound to understand the way our partners, customers and influencers think and share knowledge to co-create materials, processes and our technology into workable, easy-to-use and affordable solutions.

With competent commitment

Adapa consists of people that share a large sum of variety. This gives us an advantage in the dialogue with our partners and customers, there is always someone that understand you and “speak the language”, whether is concerns business, hardware, software, design, production, logistics, processes, quality etc.

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