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Adapa is specialized in mechanical innovation and computer aided manufacturing with a focus to facilitate modern curved aesthetics by enabling a cost effective and environmentally friendly production environment


Adapa Timeline

September 21

New Dealer in Turkey

Adapa A/S announce METYX Composites as our exclusive dealer in Turkey, as it pertains to the composites market segments.
April 6

New dealer in USA

Adapa A/S announce METYX USA Inc. as our exclusive dealer in USA, as it pertains to the composites market segments.
February 16

New Dealer in South America – Concrete

Adapa A/S announce Servicios Paolo Chioma EIRL  as dealer in South America, as it pertains to the concrete, GFRC and gypsum market segments.
February 12

New dealer in North America – Concrete

Adapa A/S announce Petra Design Inc. as exclusive dealer in North America, as it pertains to the concrete, GFRC and gypsum market segments.
February 1

Chairman invest in Adapa A/S

The Chairman of the Board of Directors in Adapa A/S, Jens Broberg, joins the company ownership circle.
January 1

ISO Standard 9001:2015 certified

Adapa A/S has successfully achieved the certification of the Quality Management System  for the provision of adaptive moulds.
July 15

Adapa A/S 10 year anniversary

Adapa A/S celebrates 10 year anniversary.
May 20

1st Demo and test workshop Denmark

Adapa A/S open the demo and test workshop in the Aalborg industrial facility, by welcoming a group of German clients for a test day.
April 2

New CSO and Board Member

John Sohn leaves the Board of Directors and is appointed CSO. Jan Bak is elected to the Board of Directors.
January 20

Adaptive Mould #100 delivered

The number 100 adaptive mould was delivered to a composite manufacturer in Germany.
November 11

Change in Adapa A/S ownership and new Chairman

The 5 partners Claus Løkke, Endika Delgado, Mogens Pedersen, John Sohn and Jan Bak, together with “Den Midtjyske Iværksætterfond” buys the shares of Christian Raun and Novi Innovation A/S. Jens Broberg steps in as Chairman of the Board, joining the Board Members Ole Ostenfeldt and..Read More
September 17

Adapa Middle East FZ-LLC formed

The subsiduary company Adapa FZ-LLC is registered in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone with Jan Bak as General Manager.
August 28

Founder leaves Adapa A/S

The last founder Christian Raun have after 9 years, expressed the wish to leave the company in mutual agreement with the board of directors and shareholders. At the same time Chrisitan demands for his shares to be taken over by the other owners.
June 12

New HQ location

Adapa A/S moves to the industrial facility at Stationsmestervej 83, 9200 Aalborg SV, Denmark. The facility is ideal for industrial manufacture, and fit the future growth plans.
April 29

Adapa changes from ApS to A/S

The step upwards to an A/S form, is based on higher share capital and mandatory board governance principles. This to secure a business structure and professional management for future growth.
December 28

Share takeover and Management buy-in

Key employees Endika Delgado, Jan Bak, Mogens Pedersen and John Sohn invest in Adapa ApS. Together with “Den Midtjyske Investeringsfond”, Christian Raun and Claus Løkke they buy the shares of Borean Innovation A/S and Styrelsen for Institutioner og Uddannelsesstøtte.
July 31


Claus Løkke is appointed new CEO, Christian Raun is to be stationed in Dubai to represent Adapa in the region.
July 7

Adapa ApS signs contract in Kuwait

Adapa ApS signs a contract with Limak Insaat Kuwait SPC, to deliver a series of Double Curved and Single Curved Adaptive Moulds for the construction of Kuwait International Airport Termal II.
May 15

Management buy-in

Claus Løkke invests in Adapa ApS
June 2

1st Adaptive Mould for Composites

Adapa ApS deliver the first Adaptive Mould in Europe to be used for manufacture of compostie and thermoplastic panels.
October 7


Claus Løkke appointed CFO in Adapa ApS.
September 10

1st Adaptive Mould for concrete

The first Adaptive Mould is delivered to company in the Middle East, for manufacture of curved precas concrete facade panels.
June 30

New investor

A regional investment fund “Den Midtjyske Investeringsfond” joins Adapa ApS as a new investor.
January 1

Share takeover

Borean Innovation A/S takeover the Adapa shares owned by Novi Innovation A/S.
January 11

Second Adapa Patent

The second Patent covering the unique Adapa technology is submitted. This patent is granted in several countries.
March 15

New HQ location

Adapa moves to a new location on Speditørvej 4A, 9000 Aalborg, where facilities for office, development and assembly of adaptive moulds are possible.
November 30

Founder leaving company

Mathias Kræmmergaard Kristensen stepped out of the company, to pursue other opportunities. Christian Raun continues as CEO.
June 1

Seed Investor

The national public investment fund “Styrelsen for Institutioner og Uddannelsesstøtte” and Novi Innovation A/S, invest in Adapa.
November 17

First Adapa Patent

The first Patent covering the unique Adapa technology is submitted. This patent is granted in several countries.
July 15

Adapa ApS founded

Adapa was founded by Mathias Kræmmergaard Kristensen and Christian Raun Jepsen. Both registered as Directors. The company address Skudehavnsvej 30, 9000 Aalborg, became the innovative location for development of the adaptive mould technology.
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