NEW Adapa A/S Brochure launch

NEW Adapa A/S Brochure launch

We are pleased to introduce our brand new Adapa A/S Brochure presenting our adaptive moulds for Concrete and Composites.

During the resent months we have experienced an increase in global interest among architects, designers and consultant specialists. They see a huge potential for more architectural freedom facilitated by rapid manufacture of curved panels. The advantages our technology offer to the industry, are described in the brochure based on actual references.

The new brochure also aims to introduce and present the technical capabilities and limitations of our adaptive mould technology.  As Adapa is on the forefront of the Industry 4.0 evolution based on cloud information sharing, robotic connectivity and additive manufacturing, explaining the components of our technology and their interactions is part of the content.

Introducing a new technology within several industries is a huge challenge and Adapa is grateful for the close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners. Cooperation is a part of all of our actions, and we are proud to be in a phase where we expand geographically into new markets. As we go forward in the brochure will also be available in more languages.

Please enjoy our brochure.

Adapa A/S 

“the world’s leading supplier of intelligent reconfigurable moulds for curved surfaces