Rental Adaptive Mould “CinqueCento” Roadshows and Fairs

Rental Adaptive Mould “CinqueCento” Roadshows and Fairs

Rental Adaptive Mould:

Double Curved mould for roadshow and fairs




Composite materials, Thermoplastics

Active 3D area:

L: 240 mm

W: 240 mm

H: 250 mm

R: 400 mm


Mould Type:Double Curved Mould D100
Curvature radius (min.):400 mm
Active moulding area (max.):240 x 240 mm (extendable to 300 x 300)
Active moulding height:1200 mm to 1450 mm
External dimension:0.8 x 0.8 x 1.3 m (L x W x H unpacked)
Weight and Footprint:400 kg/4 Wheels
Maximum Payload:40 kg/m²
Distance between actuators:120 mm
Actuators/motors:25 pcs
Actuators vertical travel (max):250 mm
Membrane type:600 x 600 x 18 mm (shore 40)
Control Unit:Integrated cabinet with 1 PSU 12 & 24V, Tablet as HMI
Power Input:400VAC 16A 3P
Software:Windows, Adapa Tools

Available add-ons:

Laser projector:This adaptive mould is not supplied with a laser projector

Transport in closed truck:

Machine (1 pcs) side plastic wrapped.

85 cm85 cm135 cm400 kg