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How Equipment Financing Works

You plan to buy goods from Denmark and prefer to buy on credit. The solution begins with EKF.

EKF provides Adapa’s bank with a guarantee for a credit facility and assumes the greater share of the risk. You then secure financing from the bank and can go ahead and purchase goods or services from Denmark under an advantageous financial arrangement.

  • EKF makes long-term financing possible and
  • secures stable financing at
  • competitive rates
  • EKF diversifies your financing sources

We cooperate with EKF, Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, who is happy to consider the possibility of financing together with your bank or ours.

Why choose EKF

With EKF to bear the risk you benefit from being backed by the Danish state when you purchase equipment from Adapa.

How much?

EKF offers project assessment and advice free of charge. The premium depends on your country, creditworthiness, currency, general market conditions and the repayment term.

Some of the offered credit facilities demand for evaluation your fiscal statement last three years.

In addition to this, you pay rates and charges to the bank. The total costs are typically lower than the market average. We can also provide you with an indicative offer.

About EKF

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