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Membrane supporting magnets

The Adaptive Moulds comes in various sizes and can be customized based on the customer’s requirements

Adaptive Mould Components

Membrane Supporting Magnets

Adapa´s ferromagnetic membrane is supported by Magnets mounted in the Membrane Support System. The magnets vary in material, strength and size in relation to the specific adaptive mould type.

The magnetic properties are used to support and hold the ferromagnetic membrane in the shape created by the membrane support system.

Magnets technical data

Material: NdFeB or Ferrite
Diameters: From 15 to 50mm
Coating: NiCuNi

When designing the optimal adaptive mould according to customer needs, two main functions of the magnets are considered:

Support of Ferromagnetic Membrane.

Magnets take all the heavy load from the material cast on it. The correct magnet diameter and distribution are very important factors in our design process.

Forcing the Ferromagnetic Membrane to follow the shape

of the Membrane Support System which accurately dictates the shape and tolerances. This is where material and strength are quite important. The magnets have to be strong enough to make the ferromagnetic membrane follow the shape, and weak enough to allow it to slide across the Membrane Support System without stretching the Membrane where tolerances could be lost.

The magnets are quite powerful and potentially hazardous, where it is necessary to take precaution before coming into contact.

Adaptive Moulds specified to your needs in four simple steps


Send us typical 3D files (.stp) or needed shapes L x W x H + Curvature Radius, with material application information


Our engineers present a solution on your needs, for you to comment and request alterations


We will send you a quote on the solution, for your internal discussion


Setting up a commercial agreement regarding delivery of equipement and future service level, signed by both