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Silicone Ferromagnetic Composite Membrane

The Adaptive Moulds comes in various sizes and can be customized based on the customer’s requirements

Adaptive Mould Components

Silicone Ferromagnetic Composite Membrane

Selected raw-material and a controlled unique casting process are essentials for achieving a high quality and long-life Ferromagnetic Silicone Membrane. If protected and maintained well, the membrane will endure the manufacture of thousands of uniquely curved products.

Adaptive Moulds specified to your needs in four simple steps


Send us typical 3D files (.stp) or needed shapes L x W x H + Curvature Radius, with material application information


Our engineers present a solution on your needs, for you to comment and request alterations


We will send you a quote on the solution, for your internal discussion


Setting up a commercial agreement regarding delivery of equipement and future service level, signed by both