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Technical Center

Please see below supporting documentation and resources demonstrating the significant improvements our technology offers in the production of curved surfaces.

We have done our best to highlight our technology, whilst also being technical precise in our description of the limitations.

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Introduction Video
Adapa A/S Introduction to the use of adaptive mould

Adaptive Mould Introduction Videos

Adaptive Mould Introduction

AdapaTools Use Introduction

IP54 Adapa Quality Test

AdapaTools Explained

External Introduction to Adaptive Moulding

WERNER SOBEK, Managing Director and Partner Lucio Blandini

CURVE WORKS, Tahira Ahmed

METYX Composites, Stephen A. Misencik interview Adapa on CAMX 2021

Concrete Application Videos

Precast Concrete Wall Panel Manufacture

Kuwait International Airport New Terminal

Composite Application Videos

Fiberglass Panel Making

Vacuum Infusion on the Mould

Thermoforming on the Mould

Thermoforming on the Mould

Thermoforming Core Material

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We will do our best not only to praise our technology, but also to be technical precise in the description of the limitations.