Download AdapaTools

Download AdapaTools

Download of AdapaTools for free evaluation or with full license functionalities:

AdapaTools Free Evaluation Version

If you do not have Rhino installed, go to Rhino’s webpage and download the free evaluation version.

Having completed the Rhino installation, you can follow the below guideline for download and installation of the free AdapaTools plugin for your evaluation.

  1. Download latest version of AdapaTools:




  1. Execute the install file
  2. Disregard all license request promts (click x)

You will then be able to use the AdapaTools plugin for Rhino.

AdapaTools Licence version

Having acquired the latest License Version of Rhino 3D, and installed AdapaTools as described in “Free Evaluation Version” it is easy to upgrade AdapaTools to a License Version with full functionality.

The License is locked to your Rhino account. Make sure your Rhino license administrator make a team for all AdapaTools users and add the license to that. This can be an already existing team used for your Rhino licenses.

  1. Get a license key from Adapa (use the contact form), either personal, or one with X number of simultaneous users to use as a team (we prefer and recommend the last option)
  2. Start Rhino.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Click to Login with your account.

You should now be on a functioning license.

Removal of AdapaTools

Removal requires the user to manually delete the folder where the plug-in is installed. In the case you are to transfer license rights within the organization, contact Adapa’s Technical center to ensure this is done correctly.

License Request

    AdapaTools Quick Start Guide