New Service: Rent a mould

New Service: Rent a mould

Introducing rental moulds

To support the introduction of curved designs, we now introduce rental adaptive moulds. This allows you to – reduce cost, meet special requests, increase capacity temporarily and meet your delivery deadlines.

Machinery lease allow our customers the benefit of high capacity low-cost manufacture even on projects where the m2 volume of uniquely curved panels and facades are at the lower end. It also opens the possibility for renting a mould to start up production earlier.


Even though automation is a good way of up-scaling production to a higher volume, the investment may not be financed by a single project or a small project pipeline. By renting an adaptive mould it is now possible to gain the benefit of our adaptive moulds, before buying a mould.

Many projects start up by the manufacture of mock-ups and alike, sometimes months in advance of the real manufacture. With our rental model, our customers may be able to manufacture the initial small delivery for the final approval of material, surface, quality and so on, and then do the final specification of the adaptive mould they buy.

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