Free AdapaTools software for Architects

Free AdapaTools software for Architects

Adapa A/S introduce a free version of AdapaTools, to enable architects and designers to do more curved architecture.

The AdapaTools software is a plugin to Rhino3D, an easy-to-use CAD program for curved shapes and geometries.

With AdapaTools it is easy to select the panels of interest and verify the geometry for the tolerances of production on Adapa’s adaptive moulds.

AdapaTools is the application used for transferring panel shapes from CAD to the Adaptive Mould.

This means architects and designers can use AdapaTools for evaluating panelization strategy respective to typical adaptive moulds on the market.

This will allow adaptation of panel design to sustainable fabrication of curved panels at rapid speed and at affordable cost.

With this capability, AdapaTools empower architects to meet the project cost expectations and do even more curved architecture in future.

AdapaTools can be used for automated laser guidance of formwork.

Optional production requirements can also be added when working from AdapaTools. For example: The user is prompted to input which side of the panel should be facing the mould side, which lines the laser projection should include as visual guidance, the panel thickness, placement of brackets and fixtures, unique panel name, edge numbering, etc.

Download AdapaTools for you existing Rhino license, or download Rhino for a 90 days evaluation period.

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