Team of Adapa Managers Buy Out Investor

Team of Adapa Managers Buy Out Investor

Together with Den Midtjyske Iværksætterfond, a team of Adapa key employees have taken over the shares of the seed investor Borean, as of January 1st 2019.

Aalborg, Denmark | Jan 20, 2019 – Based in Aalborg, Denmark, Adapa ApS has developed the only reconfigurable mould system for curved panel production. The moulds are used for the affordable fabrication of double or single curved panels in concrete, composites, plastic or glass. Presently, more than a 100 moulds have been sold to various industries.

With the share purchase, a team of 5-persons now hold the majority of shares in Adapa ApS. The investment fund ‘Den Midtjyske Iværksætterfond’ participated in the takeover and is still a strong and active co-player in the ownership of Adapa.

The team of Adapa owners consist of:

  • Claus Løkke, Adapa CEO. Claus holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Auditing from Aalborg University and have extensive CFO and CEO experience in more companies.
  • Jan Bak, UAE Relationships and Board Member. Jan holds an MBA from the University of Leicester, UK, and has experience as CCO and CEO, as well as an extensive network throughout the UAE and the international project industry.
  • John Sohn, Sales and Boardmember. John holds an Executive MBA from Henley, UK, and a Board Governance education from INSEAD, France. He has international sales experience from more industries, among other the cement and concrete industry, along with seed and venture investment experience.
  • Mogens Pedersen, Production. Mogens has a broad production and technical drawing knowledge based on education as  a Blacksmith and Mechanical Engineer. He’s experience is from numerous industries, among others steel facades and steel constructions.
  • Endika Delgado, Engineering. Endika holds a Master of Science, Control and Automation from Aalborg University and a Master of Electronical Automation from Mondragon University, Spain.

The team secures a committed group of key employees in Adapa with a comprehensive skill set and a high level of relevant experience.

Most of Adapa’s present customers are positioned in the UAE area, whereas Jan is based in Dubai.

The international interest in Adapa is on the rise, as potential customers in other regions are discovering the benefits of the adaptive mould technology, enabling the customer a unique design freedom in design of constructions, decorations and industrial products.

During the coming months Adapa is moving into larger productions facilities in Aalborg to secure the ability to serve the growing number of international customers.