Adapa News: Ownership change and Chairman

Adapa News: Ownership change and Chairman

Change in Adapa A/S ownership and new Chairman

A group of 5 key-employees in Adapa have increased their shareholder position and now hold the majority of the shares in the company.

The 5 partners:

  • Claus Løkke, CEO
  • Endika Delgado, Engineering
  • Mogens Pedersen, Production
  • John Sohn, Sales
  • Jan Bak, General Manager Dubai

The 5 partners still benefit from having the investment fund “Den Midtjyske Iværksætterfond” as an institutional investor and a part of the Board of Directors.

Jens Broberg is joining the company as Chairman of the Board. Besides being an INSEAD Certified Director (INSEAD IDP-C) Jens Broberg is an experienced board member with special knowledge within Supply Chain Management, Process Optimization and Management Systems. You can find and connect with Jens on LinkedIn