Custom concrete facade elements for the North Souk

Custom concrete facade elements for the North Souk

Developed by Solidere and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects as a multi use building providing both retail and residential area. The outer form flexes in both dimensions; creating a double curved surface in an otherwise rigidly cubistic cityscape.

Adapa have delivered the first Adaptive Mould to the project where it has participated in construction the panels for the first part of the building in 2016.


The project site consists of a combination of two plots both situated over an existing three-storey underground car park built circa 2000 as part of the general masterplan. Both plots contain pre-designed but unrealised schemes.

AKT and Zaha Hadid Architects have developed the design of a mixed-use single building providing retail and residential use on the existing basement substructure. The project consists of a new five-storey development of 26,370 m² usable area (32,390 m² gross) and uses the existing internal grid to minimise the amount of remedial work required to the existing basement but remodels the internal cores and flexes the perimeter form to create a new and exciting project in this traditional part of the city.

Project specifications

  • Area: 26,370 m²
  • Costs: US $ 40 million
  • Location: Beirut, Libanon

Project partners

  • Client: Solidere
  • Facade Contractor: Alumco Metals
  • Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Engineer: AKT