Collaborating Technology Partners: Adapa A/S and and

Collaborating Technology Partners: Adapa A/S and and

Adapa A/S and Vacmobiles have entered cooperation in supplying combined adaptive moulds and vacuum pumps for the composite industry.

Thermoforming composites and thermoplastics into curved designs on a reconfigurable adaptive mould is a manufacturing process that reduces the use of one-off moulds and reduces the use of resin.

The benefits hereof are reduced waste created by one-off moulds, reduced weight on the composite product and lower manufacturing cost.

The cooperation has sprung out of the manufacturer’s need for an off-the-selves solution, where the vacuum pump and the reusable adaptive mould are used to shape standard panel sizes from composite material suppliers.

Adapa is pleased to have initiated a cooperation with Vacmobiles as they have spent 25 years working with road variety of industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Education, Energy, Marine and Research.

Vacmobiles vacuum systems are used for a variety of processes such as resin infusion and vacuum bagging. This fits well with the use of our adaptive moulds in various industries and manufacturing processes.