Adapa 10 year anniversary

Adapa 10 year anniversary

The journey Adapa has enjoyed for almost 10 years is incredible

It took more than five years of development and testing, before the adaptive mould concept as you know it today, was fully described and delivered to the first customer.

Our great break trough started in The Middle East and then in Europe. We still have Continents to conquer, but with the present interest, we will be there in the next 3 years.

On July 15th, 2020, we celebrate 10 year anniversary

We feel grateful for the thrust and positive cooperation we receive from our customers. We thank you and promise to do our outmost to deserve this trust in future.

Development and manufacturing of machinery is capital-intensive and demand good financial partners and investors that believe in the company and the management. We are thankful to all investors and financial institutes for insuring that we have had capital at hand securing the development of the company.

A special thanks goes to our employees. Companies are only as good as the people employed and the team-spirit they outlive. Adapa benefit from your passion in getting it right and your engagement in getting it done. Thank you, you are what make Adapa a success.

We hope to invite you all at a later travel-safe time and ask you for now to celebrate the 10year  anniversary with us on July 15th, anywhere you are.