Magnetic Silicone Casting Sides 100 x 100 mm

Magnetic Silicone Casting Sides 100 x 100 mm

Large Flexible Reusable Casting SIde

Accessory for: Double and Single Curved adaptive moulds with Silicon ferromagnetic composite membrane

The 100×100 mm magnetic silicone casting side is mostly used in precast concrete casting or in situations where composite panel casting demand for high edge-sides to be casted. The weight makes it maneuverable by two persons when positioning.

The cast-individual need for stiffness control of the side can be regulated by inserting different rod-types into the center tube of the silicone casting side. The height can be adjusted by fixing extension sides on brackets on top of the silicone casting side.


Curvature radius (min.) R900mm
Stiffness Control Flexible Rod (selected to fit moulds curvature)
Silicone dimension Hight x Width H 100 mm x W 100 mm
Silicone dimension Length According to customers need
(standard maximum of 6 meters)
Height Extension Possible extension via corner bracket
Extension bracket fixture Hexagon nut DIN 934 M27 FZB
Magnetic strength Horizontal 1.130 kg/m2
Weight each running meter 16 kg
Design Example
Design Example